About Us

Smart Bag presented the competitors

with a mixture of the spirit of development and renovation and became smart BAG

wider window overlooking all the requires renewal in packaging regulations the finest companies that shone listed because of its rapid spread.

Smart started Bag in the delivery of its services in 2013 so that the new idea to carry all kinds of products sleek briefcase with the use of propaganda as an afterthought, long term sustainable force to ensure durability.

ISO 9001:2015

Our Clients

عبدالرحمن قويدر
Smart Bag grew to become a trademark

have their place in the world of innovation and creativity and today

feature the ability of productivity in the handicraft industries, which used more human resource of mechanization and thus we always seek to increase employment opportunities for youth through training to manufacture our products in a manner that befits the size of our customers who support the developmental and their deployment.

Which led to an increase in production to meet our clients we have constantly.

With the knowledge that the materials used in our products environmentally friendly materials and healthy and do not interact with food.
They feature smart company Bag to provide what is best.

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